Bangalore One-Act Theatre Festival

  • BOAT is Bangalore’s first ever-short play festival for teens and was conceptualized keeping in mind the transformative power of theatre to help students convert some of their life experiences into plays.
  • The festival aims to uncover new talent from various schools across Bangalore and give it the opportunity to perform to a wider audience
  • Through the festival we hope to inspire and educate young theatre practitioners to achieve higher levels of artistic quality.
  • The first edition of the festival showcased the talent of 10 schools, performing adaptations of popular classics and in particular Shakespeare, all enhanced with unique twists!
  • It was a delight to see the hard work of over 200 students having undergone voice, body and improvisation workshops, and several mentoring sessions that have in their own little way contributed in enhancing their personality.

Some feedback from our students and teachers who participated in BOAT

  1. Mrs. Geeta Mani (HOD – Department of English, St. Paul’s English School)

    Thanks for giving our students this opportunity who have learnt so much by enacting the Trojan characters. Not only has it enhanced their personality but has instilled confidence and a group spirit in them!

  2. Students of National Public School, Indranagar

    Through this drama with many a twist and turn, There’s been things at every step for us to learn. We now realize the importance of working in a team, Because once that’s done, the rest is but a dream. The significance of the play is less than none, If along the way we din’t make sure to have fun! We may have rioted, we may have snubbed, But now we realize the impact of what our teachers say, Hard work can’t be subbed! And that my friends, is the only way… The values of our teachers have rubbed off on us anyway An adios, cheerio, sayonara to all of you And we hope you enjoy our play As much as we enjoyed it putting it up for you! :D

  3. Ritu (Teacher Coordinator, TRIO World Academy)

    Trio World Academy is pleased to be a part of The Bangalore One Act Theatre Festival that has opened a window of opportunities for our children to showcase their talent. In spite of many of them being new to theatre, they are pulling off multiple roles, which I am sure is giving them a good feel of real life multi-tasking!

  4. Nandini Nagraj (Principal, CMR National PU College)

    Glad that BOAT has thought of a platform for adolescents to express, unleash and realize their creative potential