Broadway Bangalore

A specialized professional musical theatre workshop series

  • ‘Broadway Bangalore’ is a professional musical theatre course that covers aspects of singing, acting and dancing along with the basics of light, sound, stage and set design.
  • The course aims to introduce students to the various facets of musical theatre, dealing both with the production and performance aspects of a show.
  • The course also helps stimulate ‘technical thinking’ that is required to understand the aesthetics of a theatre production.
  • The course is a practical hands-on learning experience conducted by seasoned trainers/professionals from the field.
  • By enlarge, the course focuses on
    • Honing and building on a students’ existing level of performance.
    • The use of space and movement in musical theatre to enhance the performer’s personality.
    • Knowing the collaborative and cooperative nature of musical theatre.
    • The skills of organization, planning, problem solving and communication in theatre.
  • So if you are looking for a chance to sharpen your artistic talent or throbbing to get to know the stage, ‘Broadway Bangalore’ is the right place for you!

To know more about the course or when our next batch starts, email us at [email protected]