The Peace Project Series

The Bangalore Peace Project

Uniting Bangalore on one platform for one cause…PEACE!

  • Inaugurated by His Excellency Late Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam in 2015, The Bangalore Peace Project is Imbroglio Productions’ ongoing project aimed at inculcating the value of peace in society.
  • The Bangalore Peace Project is a unique attempt to unite various schools and professionals to join hands in a series of events to achieve the special and common goal of peace.
  • This attainment is no global conference or ceasefire but rather a means to stop and reflect on what is more important - our inner peace.
  • Through this project, Imbroglio Productions joined hands with the World Peace Flame Organization (The Netherlands) and reputed schools from across Bangalore to deliver a practical and workable means of implementing peace at an individual level, especially for students.
  • The idea was to involve the youth to be a part of Bangalore’s message of peace as they holistically benefit from the events.
  • With students exposed to the violence of video games, television, peer pressure and more so to addiction, the need of the hour is to draw up an approach that helps them discern and act with calm, no matter what the external conflict.
  • A series of events such as a poetry competition (Bards of Peace), a photography competition (Pixels of Peace), a resource collection drive, a marathon for peace (Run for Peace!), a brass band performance, street plays, poster making, flash mobs etc. led to the finale of the show in January 2015 with the lighting of the World Peace Flame for the first time in India with over 400 performers performing live at the UB City Amphitheatre.
  • The successful ‘Inner Peace Education Workshop’ has now been completed in over 16 schools for 5500+ students.
  • Each school received a special ‘Certificate of Peace’ validated by The World Peace Flame Organization (The Netherlands).

The Delhi Peace Project

Lighting of The World Peace Flame in New Delhi

  • A prototype of The Bangalore Peace Project in New Delhi that saw a series of events such as slogan writing, poster making, peace march, quizzing, flash mobs, street plays etc. lead to the finale of the show with the lighting of the Peace Flame for the first time in Delhi.
  • Over 500 performers showcased their message of peace. The program saw various spiritual leaders, principals and guests light the World Peace Flame in Delhi at The Birla Vidya Niketan School.
  • Prof. Dinesh Singh (Vice Chancellor, Delhi University), Padmashri Prof. Akhtarul Wasey (Commissioner for Linguistic Minorities in India) and Bishop Mar Barnabas (Bishop of Gurgaon) were a few of the guests who spoke highly of the project.
  • The students of Birla Vidya Niketan underwent various peace and theatre workshops to practically experience peace and finally put it all together through the public finale that was witnessed by over 2000 people.

The Kolkata Peace Project

Inner Peace Education Program and lighting of The Peace Flame in Kolkata

  • The Kolkata Peace Project saw hundreds of students from across 14 schools participate in ‘The Inner Peace Education Workshop’
  • Post the workshops the Peace Flame was lit in the presence of guests such as Ms. Alokananda Roy (Danseuse and Social Activist), Ms. Amita Prasad (Dean of Education and Research, The Heritage School), Ms. Neena Singh (Executive Director, Akshar School), Ms. Jayshree Mohta (Director, Mahadevi Birla World Academy), Ms. Anjana Saha (Principal, Mahadevi Birla World Academy) and various other school principals.
  • The lighting ceremony was followed by a grand cultural display including 1400 singers and dancers that showcased their idea of peace through skating, yoga, martial arts etc. to portray ‘elemental serenity’.
  • The entire stage and venue was brought alive with beautiful decorations hand-made by students to display their message of peace to the 2500+ audience.

The Inner Peace Education Program

  • This innovative education package equips young people with invaluable life skills, helping them to deal with situations effectively. Now implemented in more than 350 schools in The Netherlands, Belgium, The UK and Australia, ‘The Peace Project Series’ envisions schools in India to be a part of this enriching experience.
  • The students undergo workshops that use basic meditation techniques and interactive role play sessions to help them plan and practically use ‘peace’, as an effective usable tool in their daily lives.
  • This workshop has been completed in over 16 schools across the country for over 5500+ students.

Our Feedback says it all! (Bangalore, Delhi and Kolkata Peace Projects)

  • “Everyone spoke their hearts out at the workshop and of course it was very very brilliant and encouraging” - Neradhi P, Student
  • “A workshop that is worth everything”
  • “It was as if I learnt about a key aspect of life”
  • “Make the session 8 hours or even 24 hours” - Sruthi, Student
  • “The Inner Peace Education Workshop should be held in every school across India” – Muskaan Gupta, Student
  • Yubasna Kapas wrote, “It was a marvelous experience, I learnt a lot and loved the session. Thanks for such an initiative!”
  • “I enjoyed the Just-A-Minute Meditation sessions a lot as it made me feel calm and made me realize that I am innately a peaceful soul!” – Student
  • Aditi Daga wrote, “Such sessions should be held in every school!”
  • Srijita Sarkar said, “The way Sir taught us was very creative and we enjoyed every moment of this session including the role play, videos and meditation components.”
  • If you wish to bring this program to your school, email us at [email protected]