The Performer’s Initiative

A Unique Performing Arts Workshop Series

  • This initiative is brought to you by Imbroglio Productions in arrangement with Globe Education, Shakespeare’s Globe (London) and is the FIRST Globe Education and outreach program in the country!
  • The Performer’s Initiative is a unique program that aims to create ‘cultural ambassadors’ able to achieve higher levels of artistic quality.
  • Imbroglio Productions will be working in tandem with Shakespeare’s Globe to ensure the smooth and effective running of education programs and an exciting international residential education trip to Shakespeare’s Globe!
  • The Performer’s Initiative is a platform for dialogue and learning between leading cultural, creative and educational organizations, which will mark the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death in 2016.
  • Through a connected series of workshops, programs, conferences and creative activities in the capital and beyond, partners will celebrate the legacy of Shakespeare during the quarter centenary year.
  • The Program includes a series of workshops conducted by Globe Education, Shakespeare’s Globe, London in partnership with Imbroglio Productions and is followed by an ‘International Performing Arts Forum’ that will educate the students about the prospects of performing arts.
  • The initiative also includes a unique ‘Continuous Professional Development’ (CPD) package for teachers of English Literature and Performing Arts and explores areas including creativity in the classroom, storytelling, and analyzing language and rhythm through practical work.
  • The Performer’s Initiative has successfully been completed in various schools in Bangalore, New Delhi and Mumbai.
  • To bring ‘The Performer’s Initiative’ to your school feel free to drop in an email to [email protected]