We Are The World

A Michael Musicale for a better world!

  • We Are The World – The Michael Musicale for a Better World! is an international level musical/show-choir-show featuring songs by Michael Jackson that are woven together with an entirely original script for the FIRST time in India.
  • The show was a spectacular celebration with unique performances by 100+ professionally trained singers and dancers. The show was performed to an audience of over 4200 people in Bangalore.
  • The show was a larger than life experience with great choreography, foot-tapping music and some brilliant costumes and sets.
  • The aim of the show was to bring Bangalore together on one platform for one common cause and sing as one voice for the children of the world. The finale of the show was something that Bangalore had never witnessed before with both a strong message and a dynamic visual treat.
  • The show aimed to touch people and help them experience peace not as an arbitrary concept, but as something that is possible by starting with the “Man In The Mirror” and “making that change”. Hence, our performers were trained not just to entertain, but to perform as harbingers of a new and better world.

Show Director -Divyesh Bhandari

Script Writer - Jennie George

Music Director - Amy Joseph

Dance Directors - Mithun Prasad and Meghna Verghese

Band Director - Blesswin Immanuel

Production Head - Guru Prasad